Thursday, September 22, 2016


Please Welcome the extreme papercraft project. T800 Endoskeleton paper craft, this papercraft have 2 part of file:
part1 contain 28 pages
part2 contain 26 pages

bytheway this is description about the movie from wiki:
"The Terminator" is a fictional character portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger -- a cyborg,[1] initially portrayed as a programmable assassin and military infiltration unit. "The Terminator" character first appeared in the 1984 movie of the same name, directed and co-written by James Cameron, and its sequels. The first film in the series (titled simply The Terminator, like the character) features only one cyborg: the one portrayed by Schwarzenegger, although a second Terminator is shown in future flashback scene and is played by Franco Columbu. In both sequels, Schwarzenegger's Terminator is pitted against other Terminators."
grab the file:

sorry link was closed

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