Thursday, September 22, 2016


This is another plane papercraft to build. here is the description about this plane
he aim of DAR-21 project of the "DAR" Co. Ltd is to work out
the technical documentation of a light two-seater, single-
engine airplane, to build a trial sample, to test and certify
that sample, and, in the long run, to organize its line
production. The product cycle is planned to be a closed one
and done here, in Bulgaria. Two main market versions are
envisaged for its line production - an airplane "Ready to fly"
and a set of airplane parts to be put together on one’s own
at home, the so called "Homebuilt aircraft kit". As a result
DAR-21 is not just the first Bulgarian airplane to be put
together on one’s own even by amateurs, but it is also a
unique product on the East-European aviation market."

the creator have provide 2 types of papercraft to build
one for an easy and a pro or master type.

download this papercraft here.

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